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Client Testimonials

"Since this was my first pregnancy, my husband and I wanted someone who could help us communicate with the hospital staff to ensure that our wishes for labor and delivery were met and Amber came through for us. When we told Amber I wanted an all-natural birth without pain medication, she went beyond our expectations by  providing us with the knowledge, materials and props necessary to make it possible.  She even helped get us through any worries we had during the pregnancy.  We look forward to hiring her again!"


"We were very pleased with Amber's services that helped us achieve the all natural childbirth of our dreams.  It is with her expertise that got us through easily.  I highly recommend her to others all the time.  Thank you so much for being there with us during the most precious time of our lives, you made it very enjoyable!"


"The nurses at the hospital were not very encouraging.  Amber helped remind me what I was there to do and she helped remind me how I wanted to do it and how to succeed in doing so.  She is greatly appreciated in the work that she does."


"With Amber knowing our culture and our beliefs, she helped us achieve the birth that we wanted without all the unnecessary hospital protocols.  She remembered to remind all in the room to remain quiet during the birth of our son and for us she fulfilled all of our needs."


"I want to thank Amber from our hearts and pray that God gives her happiness in this life and the Hereafter. She is an excellent asset to our Muslim community with the work that she does!"


"Our birth of our son was over 24hrs long. Amber stood by my side and helped me get through all the contractions wonderfully and without the use of pain medicine."


"Even though we were not able to use Amber with the birth of our daughter because doctor ordered an emergency c-section, she was excellent in providing many resources to direct us in our decisions and that is greatly appreciated."