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Birth Doula Fee

My birth doula fee is $500.00. 

I can provide payment arrangements if needed. I also accept credit cards.

My services include 1-3 prenatal visits. The first visit is a "get to know each other" visit and to see if we are compatible. If you decide we are not a good match I will give referrals of some other capable doulas and there will be no charge for our initial visit.

If you decide you want me as your doula we will sign a contract with a $250.00 deposit due at that time.

The remaining  $250.00 is due when I go on call for you - two weeks before your due date.

I can be reached by phone or e-mail for you at any time for consultations.

When you feel you need me in labor I will be there for you until after your baby is born, regardless of how long your labor is. I will stay with you for 1-2 hours after the baby's birth to help you establish breastfeeding if you so choose and to get you comfortable and adjusted after your hard work.

I will provide 1-2 postpartum visits after you are home and settled. At this time I will present you with a birth story of the day your little one arrived.

This breakdown just goes to show you how a doula comes to her fee for her services.


Most first labors last longer than 18 hours; some cases last as long as 40 or more. The average time spent with a woman for her first labor and birth is about 12 hours. Another 3-5 hours is spent in prenatal meetings. Phone calls and responding to e-mails can add another hour or two per client.



When a commitment is made for me to be available to assist you in labor, I limit the number of clients I accept at that time to avoid birth conflicts and to make sure I am rested and ready for you when you go into labor. When I put your due date on my calendar, I commit to being available two weeks before and after your due date.


Self-Employment Factor

The rule of thumb is that a self-employed professional's income is only half of what they earn, after deductions for vacation and sick time, self employment taxes, health insurance, and business expenses. Communication expenses for my cell phone and website so you can reach me at any time. I also have routine professional and office expenses and unusual transportation and supplies expenses. In addition, there are supplies I bring with me to your birth and give you at appointments and interviews.


Training and Experience

To better serve my clients and keep up with the current information I take continuing education courses and training. I want to ensure I am giving you the best care and most up to date information possible.


Being on call all the time requires a very high level of personal sacrifice, including a willingness to be awakened on little sleep to go and attend a birth that may take longer than two days. However, as a doula, I truly love what I do and do not mind the sacrifice that goes along with being a doula. I want my clients to know that I am there for them when they need me.