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Amber Bhatti CD(CBI)

Serving North Dallas Area


I am a Certified Birth Doula, through Child Birth International.  I am a mother of six wonderful children; three girls and three boys.  A little bit about my personal birthing history:

My first two were pitocin-induced and with epidurals, by the request of my OB/GYN and really without giving me much information as to what is being done.  My third was pitocin-induced but w/o any pain medications, something I did on my own and loved the experience of not being drugged but the pitocin itself was not the greatest experience. With the next two children, I used a Doula who helped me greatly with my labor as I didn't want the pitocin nor the epidural and I greatly needed the support.  I would have to say those two were the best births Iíve ever had.  My final birth included an epidural because we knew the baby was in the wrong position and with my history of pushing quickly, I decided to use the epidural but no pitocin during labor to avoid any physical harm to the baby.  Baby was sure enough coming out shoulder first so the doctor did her maneuvering easily and with the help of my Doula, I did great.


I love babies, I love having babies, but most importantly I love to see a mother have the childbirth that she wants and so much deserves.  This is what has lead me into becoming a Doula. 

Empowering women to achieve the birth they want, is a strongly held belief of mine, as is "mothering the mother".    

The births and parenting of my six children has given me valuable insight into the needs of mothers and their families.   Providing support and helping a woman feel safe while she births her baby, or nurtures her child at home, is the goal of my Doula work.   

Due to my life experience and my training thus far as a Doula, I can answer many of your questions about pregnancy, labor, birth and your new baby.  If your questions are beyond my experience, I can help guide you in the right direction.